Most Popular Poetry

All The Time This Poetry Good For Me. This Poetry One By One Implemented In My Life Every Sentence Every Words is to Much Good For Me…… Simple Feel it Feelings… 🙁 

Mind it All Dear Prince & Princes

The POETRY is Best Word to Best Order.

The POETRY Comes From the Highest Happiness or the Deepest Sorrow.

Poetry is thoughts that Breathe, and Words that burn

The POET is a LIAR Who Always Speaks Truth. (SliCy)

When TRUTH has no burning , then it is philosophy, when it gets burning from the heart, it becomes, poetry (IQBAL)

POETRY is the Art of Creating imaginary Gardens with real toads.

Wasif Ali Wasif Sb.

Faiz Ahemd Faiz

Ahemd Fraz

Jhon Elia

Anwer Masood

Parveen Shakir

Rahat Indoori

Javed Akhter

Tehzeeb Hafi

Munir Niazi