Explain Soft Skills, Team Spirit, Business Etiquette

What are Soft Skills

Soft Skills are the GLUE between all of your technical skills, in your life everyone skill is most important all skills is implement in life.

Soft Skills Team spirit business etiquette, interpersonal skills,

    1. Team Spirit                      
    2. Business Etiquette
    3. Interpersonal Skills
    4. Sociability
    5. Negotiation Skills
    6. Positive Attitude
    7. Self-Motivation
    8. Time Management

Soft Skills Team spirit business etiquette, interpersonal skills,

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are the Attach between complete of your technical skills…

Soft Skills Team spirit business etiquette, interpersonal skills,


Team Spirit

How do you work with others?

  1. Do you value the opinions and skills of other people?
  2. Are you too focused on yourself and your role, without thinking about the bigger picture?
  3. Are you self-centered ?


Do you interact with others?

  1. How do you carry on a conversation?
  2. Do you answer a question with clear, correct language?
  3. Smile, eye contact, handshake, posture….
  4. Personality?


Business Etiquette

  1. Professional Dress
  2. Grooming
  3. Interviewing Skills – you have to develop them


Interpersonal Skills

  1. Body language
  2. Posture
  3. Listening skills
  4. Context of conversation/focus


Negotiation Skills

Communication to make a point in a professional way

  1. Do you clearly state things professionally in a calm manner?
  2. Do you fly off the handle when people do not agree with you?
  3. How do you get along with your supervisor? Others?


Positive Attitude

Complaint or Solution?

  1. Do you focus on negative things?
  2. Do you complain without providing an idea for a solution?
  3. Is your glass half-empty?
  4. Do you focus on the performance or mistakes of others?



What is moving you?

  1. Do you get up on your own for work/school or is someone else still doing that for you?
  2. Do you wait to be told to do something or seek out work?
  3. What is motivating you? Family? Money? Recognition?


Time Management

All the time in a day

  1. Are you scrambling to get from one thing to the next?
  2. Do you forget appointments? Assignments? Are you LATE?


Time Management Tools

  1. Buy a calendar diary
  2. Use calendar functions on your computer or cell phone….
  3. Find a tool and stick to it!


Now it’s time to GET REAL


  1. What is motivating ME?
  2. Opinions of friends and family—ask for honesty!
  3. How well do I manage my time?
  4. How do I take feedback?
  5. How well do I listen? Focus?


Start NOW

  1. Be honest with yourself.
  2. Know that you are NOT alone!
  3. Confirm your strengths.
  4. Identify your weaknesses.



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